Why Natures Fibres?

Why shop at Natures Fibres?

Natures Fibres is a new company retailing quality organic clothing, accessories and natural toys.  We as parents were disappointed with the organic clothing we bought for our children from different sources.  The clothing, quite frankly, was dated, expensive, poorly woven and stitched and the material so thin and shapeless – it simply did not stand up to its first wash!  So we asked ourselves the question, why cannot organic clothing be just as good as any high quality fashionable non-organic clothing and at a reasonable price?  The answer we thought is that it can and it should be.  Natures Fibres was born from the desire to find quality fashionable clothing and related products for baby and child produced from 100% pure organic cotton, environmentally friendly dyes, fasteners, buttons and poppers as well as attractive wooden toys that satisfy our environmental criteria.  Not mainly or mostly organic but 100% organic – please read our page about why organic clothing is so important here.   Natures Fibres is strongly in favour of promoting organic sourced materials to the consumer.

How have Natures Fibres chosen their Products?

We will not offer for sale any item that our children or our friends children have not tried, tested, played or worn and enjoyed and are completely satisfied with. We know that if we are happy with the item that most people will be too.  Natures Fibres has literally searched the globe for quality products and we can say at this point say that we are the sole retailer in the UK for the vast majority of our stock.  We will continue to search for quality goods and add these to our website on a weekly basis. This website is the only available source for our range.  We are not a distributor and do not have a high street shop as we believe that retailing through our website allows us to offer our great prices.

Why does Natures Fibres not have a printed catalogue?

Natures Fibres does not currently produce a printed catalogue as we aim to continually add to our existing stock.  A printed catalogue would be out of date within a short time and some ranges have fewer numbers available due to their popularity in other parts of the world.  We may produce a catalogue when we feel our range is stable enough to do so.  All members who create an account on our account can opt to be sent a regular Newsletter by e-mail detailing our current range.  Alternatively, please check back regularly to our website and see the new items available.   


Natures Fibres is a registered company in England and Wales.  Natures Fibres Ltd. is also VAT registered.